Dr. Olga R. Chiriac is a social scientist and professor. Her work is situated at the intersection of psychology and security studies (decision making and strategic culture) with a special interest in military applications of cognitive sciences and political warfare. Dr. Chiriac is the Project Europe Director with the Irregular Warfare Initiative (joint production of Princeton’s Empirical Studies of Conflict Project and the Modern War Institute at West Point) and Visiting Professor at the University of Bucharest where she leads engagement for the Black Sea Program. She is affiliated as an Associated Researcher with the Joint Special Operations University in Tampa, Florida and the Economic Conflict & Competition Research Group (ECCRG) at Kings College, London.

Prior to this; Dr. Chiriac was selected a Title VIII US State Department Research Fellow (Fellowship administered by the US Department of States’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research) and she worked as an Associated Researcher at the Center for Strategic Studies, Bucharest. Olga holds a PhD in Political Science, an MA in War Studies, as well as a BS in Finance and Behavioral Economics. She is an alum of the Arizona Legislative and Government Internship Program(Law Enforcement Agency).
Her upcoming book on the Foreign Policy of the Russian Federation will be released at Palgrave Macmillan.