Oana Popovici is a Lecturer at the Faculty of International Business and Economics (REI) within the Bucharest University of Economic Studies (ASE). She teaches subjects related to international insurance, foreign international techniques, international negotiation. Oana is also a Scientific Researcher at the Institute for Economic Forecasting within the Romanian Academy.
After graduating the Bucharest University of Economic Studies in 2008, she enrolled for Master studies, followed by a PhD under the same institution from which she successfully graduated in 2013.
Oana participated in research teams conducting studies in partnership with the European Institute of Romania on topics such as the impact of European initiatives in the Romanian economy, and with the Foreign Investors Council, where involved in the accomplishment of the two reports on the situation of foreign direct investments in Romania. She is experienced in drawing supporting documents for the design of public policies, as a result of collaboration with the Government and Parliament of Romania, where she has focused on various topics, such as the small and medium sized companies or circular economy.
Her core competences are related to Foreign Direct Investments, Management of Risk, International Economics, Renewable Energy, Research and Teaching.
She is also associate editor at the Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting (currently indexed in Web of Science) and reviewer for different other journals. Her research activity was covered in several academic articles in journals and at dedicated academic conferences, being oriented towards analysis of foreign direct investment and diversified by topics such as the impact of renewable energies on the economy or the consequences of climate change in the European Union.

  • The main objective of the course is to understand the principles of risk management, by identifying the risk and methods for covering it. The course will focus ...