I have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and more than 15 years of experience working as a manager / owner for Vulpoi & Toader Management SRL. My experience includes building strong relationships with managers, customers, authorities, Romanian professional organisations.

Established in 2004, Vulpoi & Toader Management (VTM) is one of the largest Romanian companies offering “one stop shop” accounting and business consultancy services through a multidisciplinary team of over 150 professionals. VTM has grown at a rapid pace to serve the complex needs of a portfolio of over 500 clients active in various industries such as: oil, IT services, mobile telephony, constructions, trade, cinematography and real estate etc.

My personal abilities include strong communication and interpersonal skills with the ability to take the initiative and encourage performance. I also have logical reasoning skills with the ability to make excellent decisions, to solve problems quickly and efficiently and to be a positive role model for colleagues and members.

I have excellent leadership and organizational skills needed to keep operations running smoothly. My experience also includes having the ability to help create training programs for the staff to cross-train employees to ensure each staff member is fully prepared to work with the clients and visitors. It also includes monitoring performance, evaluating the staff and making changes where and when needed to increase efficiency.
My experience includes developing strategies that help organization meet financial goals, creating budget proposals. I have the vision to help business grow and reach new heights by taking advantage of opportunities as they arise.